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  • Dr. Matthew H. Hammond

Dr. Matthew H. Hammond

Dr. Matthew H. Hammond

Matthew Hammond is currently a Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Edinburgh and a Co-Investigator on the PoMS project. Prior to this, he was Lead Researcher on the project (Sept. 2007- Aug. 2008), and is still involved in various aspects of its ongoing work. He is also the general editor of the four-volume Calendar of Scottish Charters, 1094-1286 and a contributor to two volumes of collected essays for the PoMS project.

Dr Hammond is the author of ‘Ethnicity and the writing of medieval Scottish history’, Scottish Historical Review 85 (2006), 1-29, and ‘Queen Ermengarde and the Abbey of St Edward, Balmerino’, Cîteaux: commentarii cistercienses (2009), forthcoming, as well as works on the Durward family, the use of the surname ‘Scot’, evidence for assemblies in Scottish charters, and the use of personal names by the Scottish aristocracy.

His research interests include aristocracy and prosopography, literacy and charter production, ethnicity and identity, ecclesiastical patronage and saints’ cults and scholarly models for understanding medieval Britain and Ireland.

Dr Hammond’s plan to edit the pre-1400 charters of Coupar Angus Abbey has been accepted by the Scottish History Society.